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Detective Agency in Zaporozhye, Ukraine – a team of professionals with years of experience in law enforcement. Our goal is providing prompt professional detective services in the Ukrainian market, with the guarantee of complete confidentiality when solving any tasks.

We work in the following areas:

•Tracing debtors!

•introduction to objects (by agreement with the owner) to conduct official investigations

•conducting internal investigations of theft, identifying the facts of misuse of funds

•The actual, independent inventories

•check the alibi;

•search of vehicles and checking vehicles on the theft (a real help during the week after the theft);

•services of private detectives in checking the business partner, identifying biographical or other data characterizing personality, check marital status;

•verification data specified by individuals on the Dating and marriage agencies;

• detective services for lifestyle Your children;

•identification of problems related to drug addiction: advice and assistance;

•find people (phone number, place of work, address, missing);

•our detective Agency in Zaporozhye, or if necessary in any other city in the country can also monitor office or home

•detective services in investigation of criminal offences (robbery, murder, theft, fraud), the causes of accidents;

•verification of employees on the lie detector;

• search private investigator asset companies;

•services of a private detective in real estate transactions;

• check credit history

•assisting LEASING companies to check the implementation conditions of the lease agreement

•services associated with the exposure of infidelity, extramarital Affairs (at the request of the client with photos and video)

business trips are possible, including prolonged, do not exclude the trip!

Please! We guarantee business, confidential approach to solving Your problems, both in Ukraine and abroad.


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